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For Innerlight Distributors


Welcome Innerlight Distributor

We’re sorry to hear the concern of former Innerlight customers and distributors who believe they are now without product and income since the close of Innerlight, Inc. But all is not lost! We have what you need.

supp-docbrocsg-200.pngDr. Robert O. Young—the original founder of Innerlight and its products—has never ceased his research and his development of premium alkalizing products. And now with PHM Life, you can continue to profit from Dr. Young’s formulas.

Innerlight Products Now pH Miracle Alkalizing Supplements

Dr. Young’s product line is branded pH Miracle. With PuripHy (the next evolution of Prime pH), Doc Boc’s SuperGreens (the next evolution of SuperGreens), the best-selling pHour Salts, and much much more, you can continue to benefit from the greatest in alkalizing and energizing products. supp-puriphy3-200.png

So how can you continue to provide your organizations with these same quality products and continue earning income by helping others be healthy?

While our business model cannot accommodate the true network marketing model you are accustom to, we still have two great ways for you to earn money when you share Dr. Young’s quality products for the health and wellbeing of your friends, families, and down lines.

PHM Life Business Opportunity

    • Become a PHM Life Affiliate and Get Paid on 5 Levels of Marketing.
      1. As an affiliate, we will give you text and quality image links that you can share and post via email, on facebook, on your blog or website. When anyone clicks on any of these links, to visit our website, the system tracks them and gives you credit for referring them to us.
      2. Through our affiliate program you will earn 15%* commission from all customers you directly refer to phmlife.com who make a purchase. When they follow your unique link, that customer is forever linked to you, whether they buy online or over the phone, you get 15% of all of their purchases.
      3. When any of these first tier customers become affiliates, you get 5% of all sales that they refer (second tier purchasing customers).
      4. If any of the second tier customers become affiliates, you get 2% of all of their sales (third tier customers).
      5. You get 1% of all sales from the fourth and fifth tiers.
      6. You get paid monthly directly to your PayPal account.

*** Click Here to Sign-up Now ***

  • Become a Wholesale Distributor
    • When you sign up to be a distributor and get wholesale pricing, you may then purchase product at a discounted rate to then resell them in your area. This account does require you to have a reseller or sales tax license for your state, and requires a minimum purchase amount.

Email admin@phmlife to request an application

We look forward to working with you as we jointly promote better health with Dr. Young’s alkalizing pH Miracle products.


*There are varying levels of commissions based on performance. Our lowest level commission is 5% on sales under $500 in a month's time. If in a month's time your referral links generate a total sales amount over $500, you qualify for a 10% commission. If that total is over $2,500, you get a 15% commission. And you get paid 20% for referrals totaling over $10,000 You must qualify for the 10% commission rate or higher to be eligible to receive commissions on sales from multiple affiliate levels.