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  • Always Alkaline Master Pack with SuperGreens 1 lb., pHour Salts, PuripHy,, L-Arginine MAX, Cell Power, Activated Oxygen, and pHlush.

Always Alkaline MASTER

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The Always Alkaline MASTER Pack provides you with the top 7 most popular pH Miracle products. Designed to cleanse all body systems, accelerate healing and boost energy, this pack is for individuals looking maintain or achieve a total health reset.


Doc Broc’s SuperGreens

Doc Broc's Super Greens is a fourth generation green supplement formulated by Dr. Young for Innerlight, to support a healthy Alkalarian lifestyle and provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to combat aging, lose weight, and provide long-lasting energy. 

pHour Salts

pHour Salts™ is a combination of four powerful carbonate salts (sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate) that help maintain the alkaline design of human, plant, and animal organisms. These salts are naturally occurring in all fluids of the body. Specifically, they can aid in the reduction of acidity in the lymphatic, circulatory, and gastro-intestinal systems.


PuripHy, like it's parent Prime pH, is water purification in a bottle, designed to raise the alkalinity of your water. With just a few drops, PuripHy acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing algaes, bacteria, yeasts, molds, parasites, exotoxins, and mycotoxins. It is also an oxygen catalyst, helping your blood absorb more oxygen from the water you drink. This is achieved as puripHy optimizes the water by decreasing hydrogen ions and increasing hydroxyl ions. 

Cell Power

Cell Power contains the colloidal form of NADP to provide a direct supplemental source of PURE ENERGY for your cells. It also contains beneficial colloidal silica and silver. Use pH Miracle Cell Power internally for a boost in overall energy, concentration, stamina, drive and alertness. It can also be used externally for it’s antiaging properties. 

Activated Oxygen

In our world today stress, shallow breathing, polluted air, excess weight, lack of exercise or poor diet can leave all of us in a low oxygen/toxic state. Activated Oxygen represents a breakthrough in activated oxygen technology. Now you can benefit from using a supplemental source of oxygen in addition to the air you breathe. 


This unique pH formulation is rich in oxygen, magnesium, and other powerful herbs that make an excellent cleanser for your alimentary canal. The intestinal tract or better said the alkaline buffering system is the hub of our entire body - all organs, glands, even our brains, heart, and cells are totally dependent upon a good functioning alkaline buffering or digestive system. 

L-Arginine Max

L-Arginine MAX by pH Miracle is a 100% vegan amino complex featuring L-Arginine for healthy circulation and muscle metabolism, Magnesium Chloride for several body processes such as strengthening bones, Co-Q10 for energy production in every cell, B vitamins for mental and cardiovascular benefits, and vegan-sourced vitamin D3 for overall health. 


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