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  • Four WaterMark Filters
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WaterMark™ Filter Pack

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Product Description

How It Works:

The pH Miracle WaterMark sends your home tap water through 4 very advanced filters, with a total of 14 stages of filtration:

pH Miracle Filter #1—PP Poly Propylene: For sediment removal including rust, dirt and any particles down to 5 microns in size. This filter is made from FDA and NSF approved materials.

pH Miracle Filter #2—UF Ultra Filtration: For sediment and antibacterial protection. Removes particulate, bacteria, virus (crystallized acids), fungus, mold and spores. This filter has a micron size of 0.1 which will not allow bacteria or pathogens to pass through. Ultra filtration is one of the most advanced technologies on the market today but many clog easily due to the small pore size, the WaterMark UF is new technology designed not to clog.

pH Miracle Filter #3—PI Ceramics: For antioxidant creation, restructuring and hydroxyl ion (electron) creation. Proprietary formulation of ceramic coated minerals to generate antioxidants and free hydroxyl ions in the water, also increases pH and lowers ORP.

pH Miracle Filter #4—Activated Super Carbon: Coconut source carbon removes organic compounds including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, heavy metals, bad taste and odors.

The pH Miracle Final Pathway #5: Water passes through an energy vortex that both improves the vibrational quality of the water and the waters ability to absorb into cell walls.

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Product Reviews

  1. Welcome back

    Posted by Colleen on 15th Nov 2016

    After several years of either extremely slowly delivered or non-existant supply ("out of stock") of the Watermark filters, I despaired of your company. My daughter tried one more time to get the replacement filters for this excellent product, and I had the replacement filters in Australia within the week! I am extremely happy to know that you re back in production and have established again a successful ordering system. Thank you and long may it last!
    And now please re-establish an agency in Australia. Gorgeous Me also gave up.

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